Mobile Education Unit

Mobile Education Unit is committed to:

  • Educate/aware¬† people about road safety measures and necessary traffic rules and regulations.
  • Hold seminars for awareness of the people about road and weather conditions and provide knowledge about necessary precautions.
  • Create goodwill among the public about the department and the government through service and public friendly behavior
  • Educate public regarding correction of dangerous driving behaviour.
  • Educate public in improving skills and attitude about safe driving on highways.


Activities of the Mobile Education Unit include the following:

  • All students of educational institution are briefed about the traffic rules
  • Bus stands are visited to convey the traffic sense in the people
  • General public, traveling on roads, is briefed
  • Pamphlets, brochures, and hand bills regarding road safety, self-protection and defensive driving are distributed
  • Seminars, public meetings, road shows and training programs are held at local level
  • Visit educational institutions, bus, truck, taxi/rickshaw stands, banks, petrol pumps/CNG stations, union councils, commercial markets, hospitals, villages, public places, and goods transport companies
  • Multimedia presentations on road safety etc.