On the instructions of 1G Punjab Inam Ghani, timely actions of PHP are continued. PHP issued Fortnightly performance report.

Oct 24, 2020

By Attaul Mujeeb Zeeshan Lahore: According to the sources of Daily No-table, 1175 cases were registered in ist half of October 2020, 542 cases on violation of traffic laws, 156 cases of illegal weapons, and 154 cases have been registered against drug peddlers. In cases of illegal weapons recovered 04 Kalashnikov, 11 Riffles, 33 Guns, 106 Pistols, 91 cartridges, 629 bullets and 21 magazines. Arrested 100 proclaimed offenders and 2 court absconders, in cases of narcotics recovered 4442 litter liquor, 20904 gram chars recovered. Officials of PHP are engaged on roads by day and night for guidance, safety and protection of lives and wealth of the public. Additional IG PHP Shahid Hanif. As per vision of Inspector General of Police Punjab Inam Ghani and directions of Addl. IGP PHP Shahid Hanif swift action are being taken for the protection of lives and wealth of people on roads and against anti social elements. In this regard, PHP Headquarters issued fortnightly performance report. According to the details Punjab Highway Patrol while upholding its traditions, served the public on roads with determination and helped the public in many ways. In order to increases efficiency of the department, different branches of Punjab Highway Patrol did projects under different heads. The details of these activities are given below. Punjab Highway Patrol lodged 542 cases upon violation of traffic laws, registered 517 cases against use of illegal and green number plates, 27 cases were registered on violation of sound system Act, registered 89 cases against installation of illegal gas cylinders in vehicles. While taking action against unlicensed weapons, 156 cases of illegal weapons, 154 cases against narcotics, recovered 4442 litter liquor and 20904 gram chars. Whereas in case of illegal weapons 04 Kalashnikov, 11 Riffles, 33 Guns, 106 Pistols, 91  cartridges 629 bullets and 21 magazines have been recovered from the accused. Moreover, Punjab Highway Patrol arrested 100 proclaimed offenders and 2 court absconders. Furthermore, patrolling Police provided services to 280 commuters; reunited 06 missing children with their parents whereas taking action against encroachment, 100 encroachments were removed by PHP. Addl. IGP PHP Shahid Hanif said that officials of PHP are continuing their duties with diligence, even without caring for their own lives. The provision of

best services to public is their ultimate goal.