Diesel for PHP vehicles increased

Dec 15, 2020


Diesel for PHP vehicles increased: The diesel of patrolling police vehicles of Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) has been increased from 10 liters to 15 liters.

According to the details, due to lack of funds at the beginning of this year, the quantity of diesel in PHP vehicles was reduced from 20 liters to 10 liters per day due to which there were difficulties during patrolling, said spokesperson PHP. Now the quantity of diesel has been increased from ten liters to 15 liters per day. Moreover, a summary has also been sent to the Finance Department to increase the daily diesel limit to 30 liters.

Additional IGP PHP Shahid Hanif said that immediate response was given to all emergency calls during this year despite shortage of resources. In case of accidents, first responders were not only given immediate first aid on the spot but also the injured were shifted to nearby hospitals. Punjab Highway Patrol is committed to maintain safe highways and effective crime control, as well as maintaining all of its high traditions. It is worth mentioning that PHP has been suffering from acute shortage of resources. The patrolling force for being a project of former government has been neglected by the successive governments especially PML-N government. PHP officials often complaint of no service structure, cuts in allowances, out dated vehicles and short supply of fuel on daily basis for patrolling purposes.